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Kikusui Funaguchi: Can Do Sake ?>

Kikusui Funaguchi: Can Do Sake

Ahhhh, sake. I’ll be honest – I know next to nothing about the stuff, other than the fact that I need to get to know it better. That said, one sake I’ve really been blown away by every time I’ve had over the past few years has been the canned sake from Japanese brewer Kikusui (interesting how the craft-sake-in-cans thing in Japan parallels the craft-beer-in-cans thing here in the states). Their most commonly found version – the yellow can –…

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The Atlanta Manhattan Smackdown ?>

The Atlanta Manhattan Smackdown

You live in Atlanta? You like a Manhattan? Be sure to check out this roundup of Manhattan cocktails around town that I wrote for Creative Loafing: The Manhattan in its most common form is one of the most straightforward classic cocktails — two parts whiskey, one part sweet vermouth, a dash or two of bitters. But that outward simplicity is deceiving. Will it be bourbon or rye, and which bourbon or rye? Then, which vermouth pairs most harmoniously with that…

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Drinking New York City ?>

Drinking New York City

I get to New York about once a year on average. I make lists each time. Bars, restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops. Places I just have to hit. It’s always a blend of the old and new – I lived there many years ago and still have to hit some favorites each time I go back. And I usually make it through only a small portion of “the list,” defeated by human limitations on time and consumption. And, of course,…

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Giving Thanks ?>

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for so many things, one of the smallest of which is the camaraderie, conversation and just plain fun that has come of sharing the Thirsty South. On our table there will be a very good bottle of the single barrel Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey that was picked out for my father-in-law’s 85th birthday on a recent trip to Tennessee whiskey country. And a turkey that is still sitting peacefully in a lemon/herb brine in the fridge. Wishing…

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Garden & Gun’s BBQ Sandwich Guide ?>

Garden & Gun’s BBQ Sandwich Guide

Garden and Gun magazine can be a treasure trove of Southern foodways, drinking, and all-around Southern culture, though of the decidedly “not on the skids” type. The most recent issue featured a roundup of 21 spots to indulge in a BBQ sandwich. I wouldn’t call this the definitive guide to BBQ sandwiches by any means, but the fact that they included Payne’s in Memphis (pictured above) instantly established the credibility of this list in my mind, as I have never…

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