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What do you get when you mix Georgia pecan nut milk and South Carolina coffee rum? ?>

What do you get when you mix Georgia pecan nut milk and South Carolina coffee rum?

I wasn’t planning on having my day shot to hell. But then the nut milk delivery lady showed up. That’s right, I said nut milk. delivery. lady. She handed over the frosty glass jar of her sweet Georgia pecan nut milk, and was heading back to her car, when she turned and delivered the words that would indeed shoot my day (my life?) to hell – “if you’ve got any vodka, it’s great in a White Russian!” She said it…

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Four ATL cocktail recipes you need right now ?>

Four ATL cocktail recipes you need right now

Time to pimp my work over on Creative Loafing Atlanta – where you can now find recipes for four quite-excellent, surely-iconic Atlanta cocktails… plus a bit of background from the fine barkeeps who created the drinks. These four fine drinks are: Greg Best’s Southern Cola Julian Goglia’s Goonies Never Say Die! Jerry Slater’s Bufala Negra T. Fable Jeon’s Unsung Hiro Get the full store HERE—–> (that means click) AND MORE in Creative Loafing‘s Cocktail Issue.     

Cocktail Recipe: Rhythm and Soul Redux ?>

Cocktail Recipe: Rhythm and Soul Redux

Cold rain outside, dark gray skies, I needed something warm and rich and mellow to ease me into a good night. And I thought of this cocktail recipe from Greg Best called Rhythm and Soul, a drink that’s as smooth as Otis Redding, as rapturous as Al Green, as… OK, I hate the forced metaphors, too…  it’s just a damn great cocktail. He calls it halfway between a Sazerac and a Manhattan, which captures the taste pretty well. Best’s version…

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Cocktails: The Witch Hunt ?>

Cocktails: The Witch Hunt

Since today is Halloween, I thought I’d bring back from the (almost) dead a cocktail I first tried at Leon’s Full Service in Decatur, GA, a few years back. At the time, Miles Macquarrie shared the recipe, and we did a quick little video showing off Leon’s bar and the making of the drink itself. Miles is now slinging excellent drinks at sister restaurant Kimball House (go. now. for oyster happy hour 5-7pm. and great cocktails. really.), but brought back…

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Coffee, Fernet Branca, Rum: Whynatte? ?>

Coffee, Fernet Branca, Rum: Whynatte?

Why the hell would anyone want to mix a latte energy drink, Fernet-Branca, and ginger-honey infused rum? The answer lies somewhere at the center of the Venn diagram where hipster bartenders, tweaked-out party twenty somethings, and laid-back Dominicanos converge. And if you read that and think there’s no way that Venn diagram actually exists in the real world, well… you might be right. But I’m hopeful that somewhere down a dark alley not far from the beach in Punta Cana,…

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