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Crown Royal? Yes, Crown Royal. Northern Harvest Rye and Monarch Whisky

I’ll admit it. I wrote off Crown Royal long ago. I wouldn’t quite turn the stuff down, but seek it out? No chance. That cheesy purple velvet bag? That ostentatious golden crown? The fact that they have a “Regal Apple” … Continue reading

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What do you get when you mix Georgia pecan nut milk and South Carolina coffee rum?

I wasn’t planning on having my day shot to hell. But then the nut milk delivery lady showed up. That’s right, I said nut milk. delivery. lady. She handed over the frosty glass jar of her sweet Georgia pecan nut … Continue reading

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The State of Georgia Distilleries

The first legit Georgia spirits I ever tasted were from Thirteenth Colony, down in Americus – a vodka, a gin, a young corn whiskey. This was five years ago. At the time, Thirteenth Colony was one of the few craft spirits … Continue reading

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Old Fourth Distillery and the history of Atlanta booze

“Atlanta’s distillery.” Right now, it’s true. Old Fourth Distillery IS Atlanta’s distillery – the first legal one we’ve had in more than a hundred years. Back in the day, before Prohibition, Atlanta was by all accounts a booming whiskey town. … Continue reading

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One bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 15

UPDATE: THE WINNER WAS CHOSEN! Congratulations Craig S. But please don’t let that stop any of you from donating to the Giving Kitchen. CLICK HERE TO GIVE. Would you like a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle? If you’re reading this, I’m … Continue reading

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