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Copper & Kings, American Craft Brandy

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had brandy. Cognac? Great. Armagnac? That too. Now how about in the past year? Yes? Now keep your hand raised if you’ve had American brandy in the last year? Laird’s Apple Brandy? Excellent. OK, now … Continue reading

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Piehole Whiskey: Review of Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, & Pecan Pie Whiskey

Mmmmmmm, pie. Mmmmmmmm, whiskey. Umm, pie whiskey? Yes, pie whiskey. When I first heard about Piehole Whiskey (in apple pie, pecan pie, and cherry pie flavors!), I couldn’t help but think about Homer Simpson. Humans like Homer are simply drawn … Continue reading

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Bottles I didn’t buy: Willett XCF Rye

I was in a liquor store today, and it happened to be at the same time that a distributor was bringing some things in. On the shelf, he had just placed a nice display of Willett XCF Rye, which I … Continue reading

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Dickel Hand Selected Single Barrel, 9 Year: Review and Tasting Notes

So the folks at Dickel have been sending me stuff. First there was a video. Then came a box delivered via Fedex. And inside that cardboard box was a wooden box. And inside that wooden box was a glass bottle. And … Continue reading

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The Bourbon that Beat Pappy Van Winkle

It seems like almost every week I get an email with an offer for “the bourbon that beat Pappy Van Winkle!!!” Sure, there have been plenty of spirits competitions out there where one bourbon has “beaten” another. And, sure, there … Continue reading

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