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Recent Highlights:

Jack Daniels 1968 WhiskeyJack Daniel’s, 1968: Have you ever imagined you might get to taste a bottle of Jack Daniel’s from 1968? What would it taste like? Would you be able to sense the tumult of history that took place that year, or the optimism of the first orbit around the moon? Thoughts on history and a bottle of Jack.

IMG_0236Atlanta’s Old Fourth Distillery: Digging deep into the past and present of Atlanta booze, at the city’s first legal distillery in over a hundred years. O4D is turning out Atlanta-made vodka and gin with a healthy dose of history.

Georgia Distilleries MapGeorgia Distilleries and Spirits Brands: How many distilleries would you guess there are now in Georgia? How about more than a dozen? Here’s a handy list and map, updated over time, indicating which spirits are distilled vs. sourced, and which distilleries are offering tours.

Ticonderoga ClubThe Atlanta Restaurant Scene – In Praise of Being Bold: Let us now praise those intrepid restaurateurs who are going out on a limb just to welcome us in. Featuring the bold hospitality best demonstrated by newcomer Ticonderoga Club in Krog Street Market, the pioneering Staplehouse, and tiny little Dish Dive on the edge of Decatur.

DSC_1124An older, stronger, better Rittenhouse Rye? Heaven Hill has a new “Maryland-style” rye called Pikesville. Thing is, it’s basically Rittenhouse  with two more years and ten points of proof. So is it better? Find out with this review and tasting notes on both Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond and its newer, but older, sibling.

Plantation Rum PineapplePlantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum: So what exactly is this new beast? Take the multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge of pineapple rum and the pursuits of David Wondrich and Maison Ferrand. Then do what you can to find a bottle.

Parkers Heritage Malt2015 Parker’s Heritage Malt Whiskey: Say what, say what? Kentucky Straight Malt Whiskey? This year’s Parker’s Heritage Collection takes that unusual path, landing somewhere between Bourbon County and Scotland. Does it work? Find out.

The Pappy Old Fashioned: Toying with the notion that Pappy Van Winkle 15 year old bourbon can, or should, be used in a cocktail!?

Elijah Craig 12 Barrel Proof BourbonThe Elusive Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon: Finally finding, and then promptly breaking, but still tasting… a bottle of elusive whiskey.

Best Value Bourbons: A few top picks for great value bourbons at under $20, under $30, and… under $100!?