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The coffee stand at Star Provisions

A cold and cloudy Saturday morning, 9:47AM, and I was looking for duck fat. The main shop at Star Provisions hadn’t yet opened, so I was left out in the cold. Luckily, the little coffee stand tucked off in the corner opens … Continue reading

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Taproom Coffee, Atlanta

Here’s the short story – there are three things you need to know about Taproom Coffee in Kirkwood: Jonathan Pascual. Counter Culture Coffee. Craft Beer. That’s it. Go. Of course, there’s a long version to that story as well. Starting … Continue reading

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Coffee, Fernet Branca, Rum: Whynatte?

Why the hell would anyone want to mix a latte energy drink, Fernet-Branca, and ginger-honey infused rum? The answer lies somewhere at the center of the Venn diagram where hipster bartenders, tweaked-out party twenty somethings, and laid-back Dominicanos converge. And … Continue reading

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Slingshot Coffee Co.

It may not seem like it yet, but warm weather is just around the corner. And that means iced coffee season. I happen to dig the cold brew approach, which keeps the flavors especially bright. But, you know what? It … Continue reading

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The Ponce City Goats

Ponce City Goats. Sounds like the name of a rural AA baseball farm team. But, no, it’s actually the twitter handle of the brand-dripping-new The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar @ Ponce City Market.  Now, there are two types of people in … Continue reading

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