Atlanta Coffee Hunting (the outtakes)

Inside BRASH

Atlanta’s newest coffee shops are an attractive bunch. I recently wrote a quick roundup of all the notable newcomers from the past year for Creative Loafing, and had plenty of interesting outtakes from my Atlanta coffee hunt, as well.

Brash Coffee (above) gives off a particularly cool vibe, set up in a converted shipping container on the lawn by the Westside Provisions District (opposite Ormsby’s). Their coffee also happens to be pretty spectacular – each one with a unique story of the farmer and farm from whence it came. But several of these new coffee shops are turning out stellar stuff – Chrome Yellow Trading Co. with their Stumptown beans and nitro tap, emerging empire Revelator with their own roasts, Condesa in their super-cool historic digs on Auburn Avenue. Almost anywhere you go in Atlanta now, you’re bound to find a very good craft coffee shop nearby. (By the way, the Thirsty Guide to Atlanta includes all of my favorites.)

Do check out the Creative Loafing roundup, and let these outtakes get you in the coffee mood.

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