Bulleit 10 Bourbon: Review and Tasting Notes

Bulleit Bourbon 10 yr

The challenge:
Scrap the whole tasting notes/review format and condense it down to 140 characters (and keep it at least mildly interesting).

The subject:
Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 91.2 Proof, approx. $45/bottle

The Tweet-length review, exactly 140 characters:
Bulleit 10: Orange-blossom banana cedar bark nose. Cinnamon dark wood heat a bit too sharp.  Caramel red hot finish. Good stuff, but pricey.



* Thirsty South Rating Scale:

Wow – among the very best: knock-your-socks-off, profound, complex liquid gold!
Excellent – exceptional in quality and character, worth seeking out, highly recommended
Good Stuff – solid expression of its type/varietal, enjoyable and recommended
Fair – fairly standard or exhibiting obvious though minor flaws
Avoid – move away folks, nothing to see here, a trainwreck

Sample (and photo!) was provided for this tasting.

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      1. That’s not what I meant and you know it. lol. On the other hand, I would be receptive to getting to know you better … you bring the whiskey and wine 😉

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