UPDATED: Thirsty Guide to Atlanta

Pray for ATL

The Thirsty South “Thirsty Guide to Atlanta” (<- click to go straight to it) gets a minor re-build today – with a bunch of new additions, a few knockdowns, and a brand spankin’ new map plotting your path to potent potable nirvana. (Thank you, Jeopardy, for bringing “potent potables” into the popular vocabulary).

The most significant additions were in the cocktail bar category, where Atlanta continues to blossom thanks to a great bartender community and owner/operators who understand the importance of the bar to the restaurant. New to the list cocktail/whiskey bars include: 4th & Swift, Eleanor’s, Empire State South, The Lawrence, Local Three, Miller Union, Octane Grant Park, Octopus Bar, and Proof & Provision. There are a handful of others who are on the cusp of that list, but the intent is to keep it short and sweet.

Also added… The Spence for their very fun wine list, The Wrecking Bar for its unique brewpub atmosphere, and Empire State South for their coffee (they also make the cut for cocktails and wine list).

Be sure to click over to the Thirsty Guide to see the map and the full list of favorite spots around town for beer, cocktails, wine, and coffee. And please let me know who else you think deserves a spot on the list – or who should be taken down!

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