A Balanced, Thirsty Life: Public To Do List

Life is busy. There’s work, of course. More importantly, there’s family. And friends. I like it best when writing for Thirsty South can be an extension of the things that are most important to me. A component of those things, rather than an impediment to those things. Grinding some coffee beans by hand as my kids eat breakfast each morning is a fine thing. Sharing a bottle of wine with friends is equally good. Darting out to a beer event just to stay on top of the scene? Not so much. So, while I hope to be as in the know as possible on “all things drinking well in the South,” the reality is that it’s a fool’s cause to try to actually be completely in the know (unless that is your real full time job). In that light, here is a list of things I’ve failed to do and to write about that should be done and written about in a perfect Thirsty South world (a public To Do List that will hopefully prod me into getting out and exploring and tasting and meeting folks doing cool things, as long as it fits within the rhythm of my life rather than disrupt that rhythm):

Go meet David Stein, new brewmaster at Twain’s in Decatur
Go visit the folks at Red Hare Brewing in Marietta, GA
Go visit the cool little home of Jailhouse Brewing in Hampton, GA
Check out the expansion of SweetWater Brewing in Atlanta
Check out the expansion of Hop City‘s Growlertown…
…and The Beer Growler in Avondale Estates
Spend more time at The Brick Store… and The Porter… with friends

Check out American Spirit Whiskey, based in Atlanta
Spend more time with Atlanta’s fine bartenders… and friends
Spend more time at H&F Bottle Shop… and making cocktails for friends

Revisit Georgia wine country, a few times, there is good stuff going on up there

Get back to my favorites more often – Octane and Steady Hand especially
Keep doing the Clever routine at home with good locally roasted beans

Alas, it won’t be easy, but I’ll do my best to keep on living a happy, thirsty, balanced life. Cheers.

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