Happy Holidays!

No end of year wraps ups or “best of” lists here, just wishes for a happy new year to everyone and thanks for visiting Thirsty South.

Oh, and one lesson from the past week spent on vacation… when stuck in a foreign climate and deciding on what to drink, seek out the sweet spot that sits between your tastes, what the locals are drinking, and what you don’t often find at home. I was in South America (now we’re REALLY talking Thirsty South, just south of the equator actually) and sampled a boatload of Chilean wines, most of which frankly sucked (the exception was a sparkling wine from Concho Y Toro) . Foolishly, I tried to order a Negroni (horrible, how is that possible???) and a Manhattan (just as bad, what??), but ended up coming back time and time again to some good mojitos made with Havana Club rum (the kind not available in the United States). Hard to go wrong with that. Cheers, everyone!

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