Apple Pie “Moonshine”

A simple recipe for apple pie “moonshine” – this time made with some Tennessee “white lightnin” from Ole Smoky in Gatlinburg. Yeehaw!

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  1. I’m glad to see that this recipe is ATF approved ( wink,wink).

    Also, I just ran across the site and it’s great.

    1. Need to be? I don’t think so. I’ve always seen it out on the counter. But it’s not a bad idea if you’re not going to drink the apple pie ‘shine right away. The ratio of juice (especially if you used a cider that comes refrigerated from the store or is pressed fresh) to alcohol is high enough that keeping it cold is a good idea.

    1. Good question, Rose. It depends on how you make it (and/or buy it), in particular the ratio of apple juice to alcohol. The recipe above is pretty low on alcohol actually, about 5% if my math is right, which means its shelf life once made/open would not be much better than that of apple juice. The version Old Smokey sells in stores is 20% alcohol, which will have a longer shelf life, though is still probably best kept refrigerated once open to keep it fresh.

  2. i would like to make a cherry juice and shine or black cherry juice and shine. I thought i would try-
    2 gallons cherry or black cherry juice
    2 to 4 cups sugar ( taste testing for sweetness before I decide )
    1 to 3 liters of moonshine ( taste testing for potency before I decide )
    20 marsceno cherries in each quart
    Any input you can offer would be helpful. I have made apple pie moonshine many times and every one loves it. I thought this recipe would be better with out cinnamon sticks although a friend said I should use them. I put a Cinnamon stick in some cherry juice to get any idea what it would taste like, I wasn’t impressed. I believe it would be more refreshing with just the fruit flavor of the juice. I am not sure how much shine I want to use 1 liter would be a foo-foo type of drink, 3 liters would be awesome for doing shots!

    1. I used a large jar of marisceno cherrys. poured out about half the syrup. and added shine to the top. I refrigerated them for about a month before I tried one (cherry). Hell of a kick and it went well with ice cream. They lasted about a year till my older children figured out they had a proof to them. I do small jars now and give them out as gifts.

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