Scenes From H&F Bottle Shop, Atlanta

There is joy and there is pain. Joy, in the faces of those who have endeavored to open the doors of a long-awaited bottle shop. Joy, in the faces of those who enter and discover an air of tranquility and character that is not often enough seen in purveyors of wine and spirits. And the pain? It’s there, underneath it all, in the not-yet-filled shelves that know they were destined to bear bourbons, amaros, house made magic. The labyrinth of hurdles that must be traversed to open a store such as this is still somehow shocking in this city that sometimes likes to keep a good thing down. It’s enough to turn a man to drink…

H&F Bottle Shop is open now, stocked with wonderful wines, vermouths, cocktail goods, glassware. The vinyl is playing loud; today it was the Ramones. Greg, Andy, all the familiar faces from Holeman & Finch are there to get things rolling. And in a few more weeks, finally, the whiskey and rye will also grace the shop’s shelves, barring any further hurdles thrown their way. Even today though, it’s clear that H&F Bottle Shop will be something special. From the stunning style present in every little detail, to the artfully chosen selection of wines, to that quirky stack of LPs in the back corner – this is indeed a bottle shop like no other in Atlanta, nor elsewhere for that matter.

We’ll let the photos speak, just crank up some Ramones and sip some farmer fizz as you scroll on through…

H&F Bottle Shop
2357 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

7 Replies to “Scenes From H&F Bottle Shop, Atlanta”

  1. Excellent work Brad.
    Love the pics.
    What’s with that Holeman & Finch Pink Pisoni?
    That’s an Arcadian label. Did they do that for kicks, or did Joe D\avis do a special bottling for them?
    Nice work as always.

    1. Joe, get out more! Dennis, thanks and good call, they did work together with Arcadian on that, and another Pinot as well – they just mentioned this in a newsletter: “For the past couple of years, Holeman & Finch has been lucky enough to partner with Arcadian Winery in order to produce the Holeman & Finch Pink Pisoni, a pinot noir rosé made from one of California’s most celebrated vineyards (available at the shop for $19.99). We’d now like to introduce, Pinot Eugene, an elegant Pinot blended at the Arcadian by Eugene’s own Gina Hopkins. It’s made up of fruit from some of the Central Coast’s rock-star vineyards like Dierberg, Sleepy Hollow, Clos Pepe, and Gold Coast. We cracked it just the other night, and it’s a stunner. Broad, ripe, red berry flavors with a texture that is extra-silky, the wine offers an exceptionally long finish.”

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