Thirsty Sleuth Contest: Win a Thirsty South T-shirt

Time to have a little fun around here, with a puzzle for you, dear readers. The Thirsty Sleuth challenge is to identify the places shown in the three photos below. You must reply in the comments section on this page, and the first person to get all three photos right wins a Thirsty South t-shirt! The first two are relatively easy, but the third one is going to be tricky. I’ll post a new hint on our Facebook page and Twitter feed each day if no correct answers have been submitted. You can enter a new guess each day as well, so keep an eye out!

#1: Name the coffee house with a fanatical following where I purchased this latte and a unique take on ice coffee:

Hint: they are not in the South, but in a certain Northern California city that Thirsty South recently visited

#2: Name the cocktail bar that can be found beneath this sign (no, its name is not the Anti-Saloon League):

Hint: A bit of research online should quickly help you uncover this hidden gem.

#3: Name the winery tasting room where this delightful wine bottle chandelier can be found:

Hint: They are big believers in biodynamic viticulture, but their tasting room is NOT in Sonoma (it is definitely not the tasting room visited here)

So… there you have it. Start digging, and please enter just one response here in the comment section each day. Then watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for more hints!

2 Replies to “Thirsty Sleuth Contest: Win a Thirsty South T-shirt”

  1. 1) Blue Bottle Coffee. 2) Bourbon & Branch. 3) Bonney Doon Vineyard tasting room.

    Love the blog! Keep up the good work.

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