Joe’s, Memphis: Most Awesome Liquor Store Sign Ever?

A recent search for the best craft beer selection in Memphis reminded us of one of the great sights to behold in the River City. It’s not Graceland, not the Pyramid, not the Peabody ducks, it is …. Sputnik.

Photo by flickr user naslrogues

“Sputnik” is a rotating neon delight of a liquor store sign, at Joe’s Liquor in Memphis. It was built way back in 1963 and was renovated about 10 years ago, restoring it to its full glory. If you’re ever in Memphis, make a drive by here before heading down to Cozy Corner for BBQ. If you can find a better liquor store sign, let us know!

Check out this great video at All South Networks to see the Sputnik roto-sphere in its full glory.

Photo courtesy of Precision Sign.

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3 Responses to Joe’s, Memphis: Most Awesome Liquor Store Sign Ever?

  1. OMG, I used to go to Joe’s all the time … i mean … not all the time … as I was under age at the time … but yeah – that sign rules!!!

  2. Southern Expat says:

    Wow, that is an awesome sign…love the night photo. Memphis rocks, man.

  3. Thanks Foodie Buddha and Southern Expat for the comments. Yes, Memphis rocks!

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