The Ponce City Goats

Ponce City Goats. Sounds like the name of a rural AA baseball farm team. But, no, it’s actually the twitter handle of the brand-dripping-new The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar @ Ponce City Market

This guy knows coffee. Jason brewing some Collabrewation special beans.

Now, there are two types of people in the world – those that care about the fact that a new coffee bar is opening (you perchance?), and those that care about the fact that a new coffee bar is opening and want to go out and snap photos of it on its opening day (me). Yeah, maybe there are a few other folks out there who don’t give a spit, but they’re probably not here reading this anyway, so we can ignore them.

The truly exciting thing about this new coffee bar in Atlanta (the second location for Dancing Goats after their shop in Decatur), though, is not just the fact that it’s excellent in concept, design and execution; it’s the fact that this is the real kickoff for the massive Ponce City Market project that may someday (2014!) make for a really interesting new hub of community activity in this city. Seriously, this is a fascinating development, and having a first rate coffee bar drawing in crowds in the early stages of the development is a brilliant way to raise awareness and get people (literally) buzzing about what’s to come. As my wife and I sipped our coffee this morning, we even got a quick tour of the wonderfully detailed model of the Ponce City Market by one of the people working on the development – their office is right next door to the coffee bar and the model is basically IN the coffee bar. A stop at Ponce City Goats is worth it for that alone.

Enough words, here are some images to get you thirsty for Dancing Goats and the Ponce City Market future.


Inside, appropriately old school lighting fixtures:

No Tilt-Shift needed (the Ponce City Market model):

Mmmm, donuts. Baked for Dancing Goats by Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen: