Tasting Notes: Ole Smoky Original Unaged Corn Whisky

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Ole Smoky Moonshine, Original Unaged Corn Whiskey
100 Proof
Approx. $35 Retail
Tasting Date: December 20, 2010

Crystal clear complexion, as moonshine should be. The nose is full of fresh corn, a touch of sweetness, a hint of butter. The mouthfeel is slightly syrupy, in a pleasant way, almost lush, soft and full. The corn continues on the palate, fairly crisp with a few hints of wildflowers mixed in. At 100 proof, there is a nice lingering burn, but this is well balanced and walks the line nicely in terms of being both smooth and strong.

Good Stuff* and definitely worth seeking out as an introduction to Tennessee moonshine or unaged corn whiskey in general. Purists may scoff at the notion of legal moonshine, but Ole Smoky has done the tradition proud.

From the distillery: “For sippin’. A true moonshine experience. · Ole Smoky’s authentic moonshine is made from corn grown by local farmers in East Tennessee. Our century-old recipe proclaims a grain bill of 80% corn, with the remaining 20% a secret that gives Ole Smoky the distinct character and bold flavor of Tennessee moonshine. Best drank from the jar! “


* Thirsty South Rating Scale:
Wow – among the very best: knock-your-socks-off, profound, complex liquid gold!
Excellent – exceptional in quality and character, worth seeking out, highly recommended
Good Stuff – solid expression of its type/varietal, enjoyable and recommended
Fair – fairly standard or exhibiting obvious though minor flaws
Avoid – move away folks, nothing to see here, a trainwreck

10 Replies to “Tasting Notes: Ole Smoky Original Unaged Corn Whisky”

  1. Saw the “Tennessee-Off Limits” program on the Travel Channel. Really “….Wet My Whistle”! How do I order?

  2. If you are in the Gatlinburg area and enjoy whisky it is a must stop. I MUST ALSO MENTION THE FREE TASTE TESTING. Don’t pass this place up. Good breakdown of moon shine and bootlegging history.

  3. I’m located in Florida and have been watching “Moonshiners” and wanted to try some. I bought some Ole Smoky White Lightnin, is this not an authentic moonshine experience?

    1. Hi Nick, depends on what you’re looking for. The Ole Smoky White Lightnin’ is strong and pretty highly removed of most corn flavor. Their other unpaged corn whiskey is more to my liking – the one that the tasting note above is write about – you can taste the corn. I personally prefer that. Alas, neither comes close to some of the good real moonshine I’ve been privileged to taste from friends, so don’t assume that tasting this is representative of what moonshine can be. Just my personal two cents.

    2. Hey Nick, I’m in Florida too. Did you buy that Ole Smoky White Lightnin here in Florida? I know it’s not the authentic moonshine my buddy brings me when he visits from Kentucky, but still want to buy a bottle. Where can I find it? I’m in the Melbourne/ Palm Bay area just south of Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center. Thanks in advance, for any info you have 🙂

      1. Tina, Ole Smoky lists the following:

        Southern Wine & Spirits
        Jacksonville: 904-783-1320
        Miami: 305-625-4171
        Tampa: 813-623-1288
        Orlando: 407-855-7610
        Pensacola: 850-432-1020

        I know there are some online stores that sell it, too, if you’re really eager, but it does have pretty good distribution (just go ask at whatever the largest liquor store is in your area and they should be able to get it for you).

  4. While I’ve had a sip or two of the real stuff, ole smoky isn’t bad… it does have a taste all it’s own, almost like a tequila taste to me… others might beg to differ… while I’ve had a few of the other brands of “legal” moonshine this one isn’t too bad… while I find that I prefer another brand I’d still have no problem sippin on a jar of ole smoky…

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