Dedicated to all things drinking well in the South.

Brad Kaplan is the founder and primary contributor of features and photography for Thirsty South. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, he has a great appreciation for all the things that make the South unique, especially after having lived in New York and California before coming back to settle in Atlanta. He is, not¬†surprisingly, a fan of wine, and beer, and spirits, and coffee. Oh, and eating well, too. You can find some of Brad’s writing on the Atlanta food (and beverage) scene in the pages of Creative Loafing. Brad’s “day job” is marketing and brand strategy consulting, which you might find slightly less interesting to read about, even though it can be just as exciting as a great bottle of wine or as invigorating as a crazy good cup of coffee in the morning.

Please send any suggestions, comments or inquiries to thirsty@thirstysouth.com. Thanks!

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